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Let's be real, heating cookies is an art. Not warm enough and you miss your chance, there's no round 2. Heating it too much and you've got a sludgy twice baked cookie. Big nope.

After 2 years, and polishing off a fair few cookies ourselves, we've perfected the art of cookie heating and are here to give you the lowdown. Find all the tips and tricks below, from storage instructions, to which cookies are best eaten hot or cold. 



Our cookies last for up to a week and we recommend keeping them stored in an airtight container. Storing them in the fridge will keep them a bit fresher, but it's not essential.

Our cookies also freeze really well.

Put them in a container and freeze for up to a month. When you're ready to eat them, just defrost them for a few hours at room temp, or if you're wanting to eat them warm just put them straight in the microwave for 1 minute



Now here's where you really have to pay attention

Not ALL of our cookies are best eaten warm. So our OG flavours and chocolate flavours are best eaten warm, for example

Choc chip
Chocolate Orange
Chocolate fudge brownie

These are all stuffed with chocolate/spreads which melt when heated, we always heat our cookies for our instagram posts so the centre goes all gooey! If you're wanting the same effect you really need to warm them up. Heat in the microwave for 15 secs and you're good to go

Now, you need to keep our non-chocolate, summer flavours such as cherry bakewell, funfetti, or lemon drizzle faaaar far away from that microwave. I know you might think you want a warm cherry bakewell cookie but trust me you don't. That jam in the middle will go from 0 to the temperature of the sun in about 5 seconds.

We also do not recommend heating our white chocolate flavours, as the vegan white chocolate has a high proportion of cocoa butter and it will basically turn into oil. I've seen you all do it on instagram, I know you think its chocolate and it would be nice warm, but this is your warning, do NOT heat those white chocolate cookies unless you want a big buttery mess.

And if you want to heat up a funfetti cookie that is topped with fresh buttercream, I don't think I can help you


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