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Running a vegan and sustainable business is not without its challenges! It can be difficult to balance sustainability with profitability- vegan and sustainable ingredients/packaging are usually more expensive, but we still need to keep our prices low so that people buy from us, AND make a tiny profit so we can stay open!

We try to balance affordability with sustainability, and aim to provide amazing cookies, that are great value and kind to the planet

Read below to find out what we're currently doing for sustainability


  • We cut out unnecessary packaging- no printed boxes or business cards- everything fits on one postcard

  • We reuse packaging that we receive eg. boxes, packing

  • Everything inside our postal boxes is recycled or compostable, all of our market packaging is recycled

  • We use EcoFlo to pack our boxes, it's made from corn starch and is 100% compostable

Cardboard Box


  • Where possible, we drop off postal boxes at our local parcel shop by walking

  • We stopped offering same day delivery. Although this greatly impacted our sales, it meant we only had to go out in the car twice a week, instead of 5+ times every day

  • We currently use Evri as a courier due to cost, however aim to Royal Mail or DPD as they have are the most carbon-conscious delivery companies in the UK.

Package Delivery

Supply Chain

  • All of our cookies are made with vegan ingredients

  • We use local and organic ingredients where possible- this year we used homemade elderlfower cordial from my mum. We also changed our flour supply to Shipton Mill 100% organic British grown flour

  • Our supply chain is the biggest improvement we want to make in 2023



  • Our bakery is run on renewable energy

  • The best way to be sustainable is to reduce consumption in the first place,. We always think long and hard about purchases we make, and try and make the most eco conscious purchases where we can

  • Sustainability is split into social, environmental, and economic sustainability. We focus on the social aspect by working with Universities for society fundraising events. We also plan to open a bakery that focuses on the community with lots of initiatives such as working with local allotments.

Wind Turbines
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